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Spotlight Sunday Gayla Spencer

It’s #SpotlightSunday and today, we are highlighting Gayla Spencer

Gayla is currently a Licensed Massage Therapist with the mission to provide massage treatments to Air Force F-16 Fighter pilots as a part of the Optimizing Human Weapons System (OHWS) Program in Kunsan, South Korea. This Preventative Maintenance assures the pilots are “ready to fight tonight”. ​ Her personal mission is to work daily with fighter pilots and ensure they know she is available to give them the best massage treatments, which improves their overall health and well-being.

Before joining our team, Gayla held various Independent Massage Therapist Contractor roles across a few states and organizations. She has also held a position as an English Teacher in Myanmar.

Gayla credits her success at LMR to strong communication, her past experience, her genuine love of profession, and the supportive team environment of her management team.

Some fun facts about Gayla:

What is a unique fact about you? I love roller skating

What is your favorite hobby with your family?: Cooking together for Family Gatherings

What is one thing on your bucket list?: Travel to Africa

Favorite food: Fish with Fries

Favorite Movie: Coming to America

Favorite book: The Bible

Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys

Gayla has been a joy to have on our team and has made an invaluable impact on the service members she provides treatment for. We can’t wait to see her future successes and growth within LMR!




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